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Social security & Payroll

Social security & Payroll

We manage social security and payroll obligations for inbound and outbound employees

Simplifying social security and administrative requirements

International workers mobility entails many bureaucratic and administrative burdens. The management of the social security aspects must comply with domestic regulations and bilateral agreements applicable for expatriates from/to EU or non-EU countries.

security agency

We act as the Social Security Representative in Italy of foreign companies for which there is an obligation to make social security payments in Italy:

  • Italian personnel located in countries that have no social security agreements with Italy pursuant to Law 398/87;
  • Italian personnel located in the U.S.A. in the case of an option to maintain Italian coverage;
  • foreign personnel seconded to Italy from countries that have no social security agreements with Italy;
  • foreign personnel seconded to Italy from countries linked to Italy by partial social security agreements.
lavoratore aziendale in trasferta all'estero
risorse umane in trasferta e distacco di lavoro

Certificates of
social security coverage

We take care of the application (and extension) for A1 forms for personnel posted to EU countries and/or social security coverage certificates for non-EU countries that stipulated a Bilateral Social Security Agreements with Italy, to ensure that the home country’s social security coverage is maintained in case of assignment abroad.


International remote working is an increasingly popular model among companies that identify valuable resources residing in a target country to work from their foreign domicile, without a fixed presence of the employer in the country. In other cases, remote working is a way to expand the geographic pool for international recruitment, and/or a driver for talent attraction and retention.

In addition to privacy, security, compensation & benefit design issues, it is crucial to receive qualified support to avoid incurring unexpected costs and complications; our team, also through an international network of specialized professionals, offers comprehensive assistance on all aspects related to working remotely in Italy and/or abroad:

  • permanent establishment risk analysis;
  • drafting of the employment contract;
  • registration of the employer with the social security and/or tax authorities of the country of work; and
  • activation and management of recurring obligations (payroll, periodic reporting).
distacco e trasferta di lavoro all'estero in ambito aziendale
distacco di lavoro -

payroll service

We handle outsourced payroll management for Italian expatriate staff and support companies in the proper setting of italian pay slips for outbound and inboud assignees (expat payroll engineering).

Social security & payroll services are provided by EKS – Expatriates Key Solutions, a company 100% controlled by ECA Italia Srl

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