Code of ethics

Code of ethics

We operate with strong attention to the quality of the services offered and relationships with people

Our Values

In 2022 we formalized the reference values that guide our actions both in the provision of our services and in relationships with people. These values are the basis of the professional relationships we establish with our customers, employees, suppliers and partners.


We are committed to avoiding incorrect or illegal behavior that could undermine our integrity and that of the people involved. We act correctly, respecting the rights of all interested parties, avoiding conflicts of interest and pursuing the interests of ECA Italia and our customers. Furthermore, we recognize the value of fairness in competition and are committed to not damaging the image of our competitors and the services they offer.


We promote commitment and dedication in our work, carrying out our corporate functions with diligence and efficiency. We make the best use of the tools and time at our disposal, taking on the responsibilities linked to the commitments made.


We believe in transparency as the principle of truth, accuracy and completeness of the information provided both inside and outside the organization. We operate without ulterior motives and are aware of not harming the interests of others. We promote responsible actions to avoid mistakes.


We recognize the dignity and impartial treatment of all those involved in our activities. We respect people’s freedom, dignity, diversity and equal opportunities. We will reject any form of discrimination based on gender, religion, nationality, personal and political opinions, age, health and economic situation of our interlocutors.


We believe it is important to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the information acquired during our work. Anyone participating in a business or in the execution of a contract must maintain maximum confidentiality on data, news and corporate information relating to ECA Italia and its counterparts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guarantee personalized, continuous and qualified support, interpreting and anticipating the needs of companies called upon to face the challenge of internationalization, through orientation and consultancy activities for the management of in & out expatriate personnel.