Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Services

servizi - consulenza mobilità internazionale lavoratori

We offer continuous and qualified assistance to HR Managements and Administrations on all issues related to the management of human resources in international mobility

servizi - gestione contratti distacco all'estero
Data Management

We build the compensation package for expatriate employees abroad in line with the international market

servizi - software per la gestione della mobilità internazionale
icona tools per la gestione della mobilità internazionale
Tools & software

We simplify the HR management of internationally mobile employees with our tools

servizi - piani di formazione sul distacco internazionale

We offer seminars, courses, country focuses and tailor made training on international HR

servizi - permessi di lavoro per personale distaccato all'estero
Global Immigration

We facilitate the movement of workers and family members by obtaining work and residence permits in Italy and abroad

servizi - tassazione espatriati all'estero
Tax compliance

We manage and coordinate tax obligations in compliance with the regulations in force in the Home and Host Country

servizi - gestione del distacco all'estero
Social security & payroll

We are social security agents of foreign companies, we process payroll for expatriates, we manage and coordinate international payroll

servizi - distacco internazionale del personale aziendale
EU Posting of Workers

We take care of all the obligations for trips and secondments in Europe in compliance with Directives 67/2014 and 957/2018