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Tax compliance

Tax compliance

We organise and coordinate tax compliance in Italy and abroad for expatriates and inpatriates

Expat tax planning

Employing staff abroad challenges companies to manage their tax obligations in different jurisdictions and with different tax systems. This requires expertise, experience and up-to-date training.

Whether you are an individual or a multinational company with a large number of expatriate employees, ECA Italia offers a dedicated team to help you build a customized solution to efficiently and effectively manage your tax obligations .

In addition, thanks to a global network of qualified partners, we can support and coordinate your tax management both in Italy and internationally.

Tax return

Using specially developed modular technologies for you (Polaris®) allows us to guide you through every step of the process to ensure that the tax obligations of the countries involved are fulfilled in the utmost compliance with current regulations.

Data is processed in accordance with privacy regulations (GDPR) to ensure the security of your company’s and employees’ information.

tassazione lavoratore distaccato all’estero
lavoratore in distacco all'estero - gestione tassazione


We operate as a part of your organization:

  • ensuring effective management of communication processes among tax providers in the countries involved;
  • our team acts as a single point of contact for gathering information, data, and documents from various stakeholders involved (HR, expatriates, payroll providers, finance);
  • we ensure a shared and consistent approach across all countries;
  • we provide continuous monitoring and ongoing updates to HR Management on the progress of activities.


The regulatory and administrative practice’s complexity must be taken into consideration when evaluating the application of potential tax benefits to employees and researchers coming from abroad.

Our team provides personalized adviosry and guidance to the employee, ensuring compliance with the rules. We assist HR Management with the regulatory requirements for the benefit application, document collection, payroll assistance, and maintain smooth communication with all stakeholders involved.

Tax audit and
tax litigation

We provide qualified and timely assistance in all stages of tax litigation, from the initial assessment to the drafting of documents, from representation in all levels of legal proceedings to the management of potential appeals.

Tax compliance services are provided by EKS – Expatriates Key Solutions, a company 100% controlled by ECA Italia Srl.

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