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Data management

Data management

We provide data to calculate allowances and benefits in kind for short and long term assignments

Allowances and benefits tailored to all host countries

The compensation to be proposed to expatriates depends on the type of assignment (business trip or mission, short-assignment, secondment, localisation), the employee job position, and the characteristics (cost of living, hardship) of the host country. Our team provides data for more than 180 countries that are used to define the cash and in-kind components of the expats compensation package.

business trip

We support businesses in defining daily allowances and out-of-pocket expenses reimbursement values for international business trips. We perform surveys and we benchmark foreign travel policies in order to stay competitive in current market practice.

indennità di trasferta all'estero per espatriati
trattamento economico dei lavoratori in trasferta e distacco aziendale


We provide advice and guidance in order to help companies to build the best compensation model for their mobility strategy and expatriate population: this benefits the business in terms of talent attraction, employee retention and cost management. Thanks to our Strategic Partner ECA International, our data management services for expatriate staff cover a wide range of services:

  • expatriate salary benchmarking;
  •  host country discomfort level definition;
  • cost of living allowance definition;
  • accomodation report;
  • international school report.

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