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EU Posting of Workers

EU Posting of Workers

We ensure compliance with EU posted workers directives 67/2014 and 957/2018

Posted Workers: obligations for employers

We are experienced in providing support and guidance to companies sending staff to the EU and required to comply with the obligations under EU Directives 67/2014 and 957/2018. By relying on our services, you can be assured of getting competent and reliable support to facilitate you in all stages of the posting of workers process.

Posting Workers
to Italy

In compliance with the Italian legislation on Posting Workers (D.lgs. 136/2016 and D.lgs. 122/2020) we support foreign companies through the following services:
  • preparation and submission of prior notification (UNI_DISTACCO_UE);
  • liason person towards inspection authorities;
  • assessment of working conditions and calculation of the Italian salary applicable to posted workers;
  • advice on record keeping obligations.
normativa distacco del personale
distacco all'estero del personale - conformità normativa

Posting Workers
In EU Countries

We offer comprehensive support in handling all obligations related to posting workers in the EU:

  • submission of the prior notification to the authorities of the host Member State;
  • appointment of the local representative, through our network of active partners in each member state;
  • assessment of working and salary conditions, in compliance with local regulations and the “Decreto Trasparenza”;
  • application for A1 Certificate ex art. 12 of EC Reg. 883/2004.


The combination of legal obligations under EU directives has generated a huge administrative workload for short trips. Failure to comply with these obligations carries a significant risk of exposure to penalties, not just administrative ones. We provide ad-hoc risk assessments on obligations related to postings and transfers to the EU area to check the level of penalty exposure for companies interested in checking their level of risk/penalty exposure.

conformità normativa del distacco transnazionale
personale distaccato all'estero - normativa UE e Extra UE


Our team of experts provides country sheets with key information on posted workers obligations in all EU States.

Posted workers services are provided by EKS – Expatriates Key Solutions, a company 100% controlled by ECA Italia Srl

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