We provide the core knowledge to successfully manage international assignments

Training and events on international mobility of human resources

Our training courses are specially designed for HR specialists and managers looking for high-level skills in managing international mobility. In an increasingly global world, the ability to successfully manage international assignments has become crucial to the success of organizations. Our training program offers a deep knowledge of applicable legislation and best practices in a dynamic field such as expatriate management. Through interactive lessons, case studies and teaching by Italian and international experts, you will acquire the skills necessary to confidently address the complex issues related to international mobility.

Training Courses

Our online courses cover the main areas related to global mobility: Compensation; Legal & social security; Tax; Immigration; Posted workers in the EU, international remote working.

Country Focus

Each year a series of webinars with our international partners to learn more about expatriate management in key destination countries.


Two events for an update on market trends and regulatory changes in international mobility management.