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Tools & Software

Tools & Software

Improve your global mobility worlflow with our tools

Strategic tools for global mobility

Using IT tools for expatriate workforce management offers a number of significant benefits to companies, simplifying day-to-day operations. Our tools offer advanced solutions for the analysis and management of international assegnees data, through the quick calculation of compensation expat packages and worldwide labor costs.

Labor Cost

Worldwide Labor Cost is an interactive software designed for companies that wish to produce cost estimates to monitor the labor cost dynamics of local personnel in their foreign facilities, such as branches or plants. This tool offers an easy and intuitive way to compare labour cost in more than 80 countries.

software e strumenti tecnologici per la gestione della mobilità internazionale
lavoratori in distacco transnazionale - gestione ottimizzata con strumenti tecnologici

Easy Expats

Easy Expats is a web-based tool which helps companies build in a few seconds the expat compensation package, company cost calculations and reports for their international assignments based on company’s global mobility and tax policy.


InfoPosting helps companies to check in a few seconds whether you need to send posted workers notification for employees traveling in the EU countries.

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