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Comprehensive Consulting and Support Services

We work together with Human Resources Departments and Administrations offering comprehensive, customized and up-to-date support to simplify and optimize expatriate management. From contractual, legal, pay and administrative aspects to planning migration, tax and social security dynamics, our team of experts offers regulatory and management solutions to meet the challenges of internationalization.


We support Human Resources Departments in defining expatriate personnel management guidelines (Global Mobility Policy) reflecting the best market practices; we help Human Resources Managers to rethink their compensation schemes for international assignments in terms of greater flexibility, using their budgets more rationally and efficiently and developing more dynamic expatriation policies that are able to embrace diversity/variety in the types of assignments.

Our Expat Compensation consulting activity supports companies through:

  • segmentation of the expatriate workforce and assignment schemes in order to identify expatriate compensation policies and systems tailored to each cluster/ segment;
  • design, review and development of so-called ‘multy tier policies’, i.e. policies that, based on the type of assignment, location and objectives, identify the most suitable expat package;
  • implementation of the global mobility policy through the definition of expatriate compensation package, enhancing the right mix of cash allowances and benefits in kind, also taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the tax systems applicable in the respective countries of origin/assignment;
  • definition and control of the company cost related to expatriate personnel during all assignment phases.
consulente del distacco estero aziendale
consulenza gestione expat


The expatriation of human resources generates tax consequences both in the Home and in the Host Country, which should be assessed in advance and managed at all stages of the international assignment, also in light of the changes and developments in international tax law. We help companies navigating the complexities of tax legislations, to develop a correct tax planning and to understand the obligations for employers and employees in the countries involved, taking into account several issues: tax residency, double taxation, intercompany relations, tax policies, expatriate tax concessions.

Legal & Social

We guide Human Resources departments in identifying the appropriate legal solution to regulate the period of work abroad (missionsecondment, dual contract, localisation, etc.), depending on the specifics of the assignment (duration, host country, type of activity, role, etc.) and in drafting contracts and forms (secondment contract, tax loan letter, intercompany agreement, etc.) to ensure formal regularity to the employment relationship abroad and protect both the company and the employee.

We advise on the necessary compliance (social security posting certificate, social security agency pursuant to law no. 398/87) and on the pension implications of international assignments (aggregation, pension calculation, etc.).

We guide companies in understanding the social security dynamics connected to the different expatriation formulas and depending on the country of origin and/or host country (with or without or partial social security agreement); we advise on the necessary compliance (social security certificate, social security ragency pursuant to the Italian Law 398/87) with each country’s legislation, EU Regulations and Bilateral Agreements and we assess the pension implications of international assignment (totalisation, pension calculation, etc.).

consulenza per gestione lavoratori espatriati in ambito aziendale
gestione personale distaccato all'estero


Working in a foreign country, even for a short period of time, requires companies to take timely action to obtain the appropriate visa, work permit and/or residence permit for the employee and accompanying family members, in compliance with each country’s regulations.

We offer advice and assistance in defining the best migration strategy in case of assignment to  clients, intra-group transfers or direct employment in Italy and abroad, informing companies and employees of the applicable procedures, documentation and timeframes, and constantly updating HR Departments on new migration regulations and policies worldwide.

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