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Working remotely from Italy: the new “Digital Nomad Visa”

A new visa scheme has been introduced for digital nomads to make it easier for workers to live and work in Italy.

The Law no. 25 of March 28, 2022 (“Decreto Sostegni Ter”) containing a bundle of economic measures to help the Italian economic activities that have been closed or have suffered significant setbacks due to the COVID-19 health emergency and to price increases in the electricity sector, has been published in the Official Gazette.

One of the measures is particularly interesting for digital nomads and remote workers (art. 6-quinquies): the Decree introduces a new visa scheme for highly qualified foreign workers who works remotely, whether they are self-employed or work for a company not established in Italy.

The big news is that this new category (regulated under the new art. 27 lett. q-bis of the Italian Consolidated Immigration Law) of visa would be granted outside the quota restrictions, so the application could start anytime.

The introduction of the Digital Nomad and remote workers visa in Italy adds to the measures already introduced by the Italian government to reduce the “brain drain” and attract qualified personnel to Italy (the “inpatriate tax regime” provides for a 70% tax credit for 5 years for workers moving to Italy their tax residency) and could be a great opportunity for foreign employers and professionals interested in moving to our Country.

The New Digital Nomad Visa should allow those who meet the requirements to enter Italy without a work permit (nulla osta) and obtain a residence permit for a period not exceeding 1 year. However, they must have proper health insurance and comply with the tax and social security laws of our Country.

We still need to wait for the implementing rules that will determine the exact requirements for issuing this visa (eligible categories, salary/income requirements, qualifications/degree, etc.).

The full text (Italian) of the Decree can be found here.

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