Network & partnership

Network & partnership

Our international network in more than 50 countries

Global collaborations for best-in-class mobility services

ECA Italia is a leader in global mobility consulting. Our strength is an international collaborative network of professionals to assist you anywhere in the world. Learn how our partners strengthen our ability to help you with your needs.

Strategic Partner

In Italy, ECA Italia is the exclusive representative of ECA International, that has been a leading provider of data, digital solutions, information and software for international mobility management since 1971. Thanks to the “Country Reports” it is possible to access data and information for expatriate management for more than 180 locations, such as: cost of living indexes, level of hardship, housing costs, international school costs, information on labor law, welfare, visas and work permits, taxation and access to expatriate market salary benchmarks.

Networking & Business Partners

We offer member companies a dedicated consultation on issues related to international workers mobility. We organize events and training sessions on global mobility issues.

We are proud to be a participating firm of the Mobile Workforce Collaborative (MWC), a global collaboration of best-in-class mobility services firms supporting workforce management and tax compliance needs for companies with mobile employees.
Learn how ECA Italia’s participation in MWC opens new avenues to accessing international expertise and ensures seamless compliance in diverse tax environments.

Dezan Shira & Associates is a pan-Asia, multi-disciplinary professional services firm, providing market entry, legal, accounting, tax, HR, technology, and operational advisory to international investors. Operational throughout China, ASEAN and India, DSA’s mission is to guide foreign companies through Asia’s complex regulatory environment and assist them with all aspects of establishing, maintaining, and growing their business operations in the region.