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Immigration|22 Novembre 2021|

#Postings to Italy beyond 12 months: new notification by November 26th

By November 26, 2021, all postings in Italy exceeding 12 months and still in progess on November 2nd 2021 must be notified again through the so-called “Long-term notification” introduced by decree no.170 / 2021 of the Ministry of Labor..

In the event of failure or late notification, administrative penalties will apply, as provided by art. 12, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree no. 136/2016: the amount varies from € 180 to € 600 for each violation and for each worker concerned.

No fulfillment is required for secondments over 12 months initiated (and notified) after November 2nd 2021.

Joint note from the National Labor Inspectorate (INL) and the Ministry of Labor, no. 1659 of 29 October 2021. (ITALIAN)

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Redazione ECA ItaliaRedazione ECA Italia

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