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Expatriates Key Solutions (EKS) , a service company owned by ECA Italia, was created in January, 2005. The Mission is to supply, through outsourcing, the operational and administrative services involved in the management of the company process of secondment of foreign Managers and Technicians in Italy.

The services are broken down into the following activities:

  • Immigration Services: management of the formalities for authorisation to work in Italy (within and beyond the quota);
  • Social security representation for foreign companies for the management of non-EU personnel working in Italy;
  • Social security representation for foreign companies operating in countries outside the EU that do not adhere to the convention for the management of Italian employees hired by those companies (Law  398/87).
  • Management through outsourcing of the expatriation authorisation under Law 398/87
  • Coordinating relations between Home Country companies and international professional structures charged with the management of Tax Compliance operations with the respective management of immigration formalities in the destination country.