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Immigration|24 October 2023|

Italy: increased contribution for voluntary enrollment in the NHS

During its meeting on October 17, 2023, addressing healthcare regulations, the Council of Ministers decreed that “foreign residents from non-European Union member countries will have the option to register in the National Health Service (SSN) beneficiary lists by paying an annual fee of 2,000 euros. There will be a reduced fee for foreigners holding residence permits for educational purposes or those engaged in au pair activities.” 

The provision included in the 2024 Finance Law applies exclusively to specific categories not subject to mandatory enrollment (e.g. holders of a residence permit for elective residence without engaging in any work activity). They can choose to voluntarily enroll in the National Health Service by paying a fixed annual fee, as outlined in Legislative Decree No. 286 dated July 25, 1998, which remains in effect.  

The new regulation, therefore, does not concern foreigners who are compulsorily registered with the National Health Service, as holders of a residence permit for subordinate or self-employed work, for family reasons. 

Valentina Bilotta
Valentina BilottaPartner - Head of Immigration Department

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