Expatriation policies management
Creation of a remunerations policy for expatriate personnel and those on secondment within the company sphere with the aim of making available an operational tool for managing and controlling expatriate personnel, defining the guidelines that must be implemented in order to define their financial and regulatory treatment.

Expat compensation package 
Creation of remuneration packages for staff who are candidates for expatriation. ECA Italia is able to put forward effective financial treatment for those abroad that both enshrines company policy and includes a proposal for remuneration worked out ad hoc, defining reimbursements and best practices for managing staff on transfers/short assignments.

Salary benchmarks for expatriate staff
Checking the placement of expatriate resources aboard against an analysis that simultaneously takes into account the characteristics of the country of the assignment and the importance/role occupied by the expatriate resource.

Salary benchmarks for local/national staff
Making available operational data and information for an analysis of the remuneration trends, company and net costs of the key post with reference to the local salary market.

ECA Italia offers a new instrument, Abaco, which is capable of independently controlling the dynamics of the labour cost of local personnel who are employees of companies abroad.