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Immigration|20 October 2023|

Blue Card: new provisions regarding the entry of highly skilled workers into Italy have been approved

The government in Italy has recently implemented new policies aimed at streamlining the entry and permanence requirements for highly skilled workers. These changes are designed to enhance flexibility, making it easier for families to reunite with their loved ones.

On October 16, the Council of Ministers officially approved a legislative decree that enacts Directive (EU) 2021/1883, ushering in a set of fresh regulations governing the admission and stay of highly skilled foreign nationals. These alterations encompass revisions to Article 27c of the Consolidated Immigration Act, with the goal of modernizing the criteria and processes related to the issuance of the European Blue Card.

  • The significant revisions to the text encompass several key points:
  • Broadening the scope of eligible highly skilled workers from non-EU countries seeking an EU Blue Card by making adjustments to admission criteria.
  • Modifying the application process
  • Enhancing employment and reintegration opportunities and simplifying job-seeking and recruitment processes in cases of unemployment.
  • Ensuring increased flexibility for short-term and long-term mobility, including individuals holding an EU Blue Card issued by another EU member state.

The Decree will enter into force after the publication in the Offical Gazette.

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Giulia Tagliavini
Giulia Tagliavini

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