Management of tax issues for outbound and inbound expatriates 

This half-day course is designed to give a thorough knowledge of main tax principles and concepts affecting employees assigned to/from Italy for working purposes.
To provide an understanding of international tax issues and their impact on expatriates to/from Italy (tax residence, DTTs, tax credit, intercompany recharge of costs) and a thorough knowledge of how tax policies affect assingment cost and cash flows.

  • Tax residency concept according to Italian law and Double taxation treaties 

  • Taxation on employment income for Italian tax resident individuals working abroad (comma 8. bis art. 51 TUIR)

  • Tax policies: tax equalization, tax protection, gross-net-gross
  • Politiche di neutralità fiscale: tax protection e tax equalization
  • Double taxation and tax credit recovery
  • Loan for italian taxes: loan letter, impact of the loan on the expat payroll and company cost
  • Intercompany cost recharge: main principles and concepts


Timings: 4/03/2020 or 29/04/2020

From  9.30 to 13.30


Pricing (1st delegate): € 420,00 + VAT (coffee break included) 

Pricing (2nd delegate): € 377,00 + VAT (coffee break included) 


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