Expatriates compensation and impact on company cost - WEBINAR

This half-day course is designed to give HR a thorough knowledge of the key concepts of international assignment compensation. Participants will come away with an understanding of how the most common methods of salary calculation works, covering also the various types of assignment allowances and benefits in kind and how company policies impact on assignees' cost.

The course will also ensure that delegates receive the most up-to-date information regarding market trends and best practice.



To provide an understanding of the relationship between international assignments and the most common methods used to determine employee compensation during international assignment; to provide a thorough understanding of the main types of allowances and benefits in kind provided as part of an international assignment.

  • Contents

- Introduction to international assignments and compensation (trends, aims of international assignment compensation policy, main approaches to assignment compensation)

-  The home-based (build-up/balance sheet) approach as the most common salary calculation method:

          -  Cost of Living (COL) indices and how to calculate allowances

          -  Location (hardship) allowance methodologies

          -  Other mobility related allowances

          -  Benefits in kind: accommodation, schooling, etc.

-  Italian and International market trends and best practice 


Timings: 22/04/2020

From 10 to 12AM

Pricing: € 140 + VAT


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